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Zlatni Rat, Brač-The best of Croatia

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A few years ago, while working for a travel magazine I had the opportunity of interviewing an important figure from the Embassy of the republic of Croatia. At the end of the interview, I was given a cute little pouch of lavender as a token of goodwill. That pouch sat in my wardrobe for many years until I moved to Finland. The aroma of the sweet lavender was long gone but I had kept it for some unknown reasons.

Maybe, I secretly dreamed of visiting Croatia someday but that dream sounded downright outlandish.

Little did I imagine at that time that I would actually be visiting this beautiful country someday and, now that I actually have, the reality is yet to sink in. It still feels like a dream; a dream where the water is bluer than the sky and everything around you has that fairy tale vibe.

Croatia was, indeed, a dream come true experience and I am so excited to talk all about our Adriatic adventures but where do I begin! From road tripping across the dalmatian coast to visiting national parks and from island hopping to beach scouting Croatia offered everything we could have asked for a summer getaway.

In this trip, we camped in Split and explored it’s nearby destinations as Split is the largest city of the Dalmatian region as well as the second largest city in the country. Besides, Split is a city where history, architecture and sunny beaches exist side by side. Here, we ditched our itinerary for the first time in life and don’t have an ounce of regret because some of the best things in life come from impromptu acts.

To keep the things in order and not to let my excited mind stray away, let’s begin from our last day in this gorgeous country.

On our last day, we meant to go to Brač, one of the biggest islands in Croatia (also an island very famous for its limestone quarries, olive oil and grapes), and we stuck to our plan even after missing our first ferry. The ferry from Split takes you in just about 50 minutes to Supetar, a beautiful town on the Northern side of Brač.

Skipping Supetar, we decided to go straight to Bol where the much coveted Zlatni Rat (a gorgeous beach) is located. Bol is a tiny city with a few thousands of inhabitants but what makes it so special is the above-mentioned beach which is a cape mostly made of pebble rocks and its shape visibly shifts according to the tidal movements of the Adriatic sea.
Needless to mention, it is one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Ask me if Zlatni Rat is one of the things to see before you die, my answer would be “yes”! And if you are an adventure junkie, windsurfing here can be an incredible experience for you.

We had a great time riding on 50 cc scooters to reach Bol which was about 40 km from Supetar. Sadly, no other scooter or car was available for rent at that time. But by no means, I am suggesting that this was a good idea. The road takes one through lonely hills, green forests, and somewhat deserted-looking limestone quarries. There was no way we could have asked for any help had the scooters failed us that day.

So when in Brač, take a bus or a taxi to reach Bol as this is the safest option.

Bol was a pretty little town that has the sweet aroma of grilled foods floating in its air and lush green vineyards adorning its streets. So when in Bol, don’t forget to try some Croatia grilled food and local wine.

The Zlatni Rat beach area was swarming with tourists and locals as is the scene with every beautiful location in Croatia. Judging from the crowd’s enthusiasm for swimming despite the big waves, I believe, this is a good (and safe) spot for swimming and enjoying all kinds of water sports.

It’s a shame that I don’t know how to swim! To make myself feel better, I would say, it is a pebble beach which makes it extremely difficult for moving around without water shoes and even though the water here is crystal clear it is always cold due to the strong currents.

But I have no regrets as I was happy being a beach bum and after ticking Zlatni Rat off my bucket list all I had to do was sit back and click pictures.


How to reach Brač: The easiest way to reach the Brač island whether you come by car, train or plane is from Split and Makarska. see here for timetable

The ferry from Split takes about 50 minutes to reach Supetar and takes about 33 kn per person. For carrying vehicles extra charges apply. See details here

How to reach Bol: Private taxis and shared taxis are available from Supetar port area. Just look around and you will see the taxis waiting for passengers. Buses also run between Supetar and Bol. It takes about one hour to reach Bol by bus.
For buses see details here

One can also hire scooters or Quards from the port area.

Where to eat in Bol:

Do not wait up to eat at the beach (Zlatni Rat) as there aren’t many options at the beach area. Better tuck in some food before heading to the beach.

I usually do not recommend restaurants but this place called Gradele bistro was a pleasant surprise. Apart from the food, the ambiance of the restaurant is really nice. After all, it’s not always you get to eat under grape vines with ripe grapes for a roof!

Brachka Cesta 10, Bol, Brač Island 21420, Croatia +385 91 635 9660

Photo Gallery:


The beautiful town of Supetar


view of Zlatni Rat from the pine tree forest surrounding it


The sunny side of life 🙂

zlatni rat-1-2 (2)

The dreamy landscape


The famous cape

zlatni rat-1-2

The beach enthusiasts 😀

zlatni rat-1

The pebbles hurt but anything for this view


The pointy edge of Zlatni rat

zlatni rat-1 (2)

Beach fun

stuffed chicken-1

The best food we had in Croatia at Gradele Bistro-stuffed chicken grilled with vegetables


Salmon with pineapples

greek salad-1-2

Greek Salad with local olives


And the graped roof of the restaurant

zlatni rat-1-3

Sunset over the Adriatic; on our way back to Supetar


  • Fede February 19, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    The place looks really wonderful! And the food as well 😀 Such a pity you could not swim, I am sure the water was very clean 🙂

    • Jutismita Hazarika February 19, 2017 at 8:53 pm

      Thanks a lot for reading :D… and yeah too bad I don’t know how to swim. The water was gorgeous there.

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  • Suvi August 29, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    Awesome photos! I am glad to hear your holiday was so fabulous, worth the wait I guess 😊💕

    • Jutismita Hazarika August 31, 2016 at 10:00 am

      Thank you 🙂 Now that the summer days are over all I can do is, think about those sunny beaches.


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