Thoughts: 2018 and the year gone by!

Hello everyone!

A little late but I had been meaning to post something about the year gone by and, of course, a lot about the new year too. 15 days of 2018 have already slipped through while I am still trying to get back to my routine life after the holiday season. Now that I am back from spending my annual holiday-time with my family in India I think I should try posting my first blog of the year. So here we go!

Back in India, there was absolutely no time for blogging and social media as a home visit is always full of unimaginable numbers of activities including going into consecutive food comas. Now, I am back in the bay and I want to go ahead and  post a little note about the things I have learned or realized to be true in the year gone by. Also, I want to talk about some random feelings as well as my plans for this brand new year.

I want to talk about these things on this blog (read- on a public platform) only because, looking back at all the experiences I had, I believe that 2017 was, indeed, super educative and it doesn’t hurt to share the feelings on a public platform lest I find someone who agrees with me.

Personally, it was a fabulous year for me although I have seen some of my friends suffer immensely due their personal losses. But, hey, that is life! It breaks my heart to see them in pain but I can only be a good listener and stand by them while they go through their ordeals.

For myself, 2017 was amazing as I was able to find more ground beneath my feet. Before the year 2017 had started, living in Finland and the challenges of finding ‘that’ sense of belonging was taking a toll on me but 2017 gave me the chance to try harder. I joined language school, met new and amazing friends, went to intern at a couple of the best work places in the city, developed new hobbies, cooked amazing food, traveled more than ever, discovered my passion for photography and also earned some money.

The only regret I have is, not spending enough time on the blog like I had intended but the blog itself gave me a little bit of recognition within the community. Trust me, getting some mails/feedback from some of the readers was the best part of the whole journey. Without trying to brag about it, I should just say that if somewhere someone has found something relatable in my writing, that should instantly write off the existential crisis I have from time to time. Moreover, I got to share some snippets of my expat life in Finland with thousands of other expats.

Read all about it here- An Indian expat in Finland finds new meanings in Life

So, overall, it was a good year and, in retrospect, here’s a list of 10 things the year 2017 taught me.

1. Starting all over again is not that bad.

2. Your happiness depends on how you engage yourself and, at the same time, distance yourself.

3. You can be more comfortable being alone. Solitude has its blessings.

4. Travel makes you a patient person.

5. Most of the time, your comfort-zone has the roots of your misery.

6. Friendship is not permanent. 

7. No matter what, you got to trust the timing of your life.

8. But, Procrastination is the worst thing you could do to yourself.

9. Despite your failures, you always end up at a better place.

10. Getting started is the hardest part of anything.

Although these are extremely personal realizations, I bet many people would relate.

Also, while I am doing this ‘retrospect thing’ I should as well do a list of the amazing  and new things I did/found/discovered in 2017.

So here we go-

1. I traveled to my happy place. Knowing real happiness in that very special place was the highlight of my year. Click here to read all about it.

2. After resisting it for quite a few years, I finally accepted a Kindle as a gift (because I thought it could never replace a real book) and I am not ashamed to admit that it is as good as a book. Although, nothing can replace the scent of a new book! 

3. Learning a new language is challenging but not impossible. I joined Finnish language school and thoroughly enjoyed every day of it. I am still going to school and , these days, I am trying to think like a Finn. It is not like I want to forget my roots and want to pretend to be a Finn. But I really really want to make the most out of my time here. 

4. In the age of Youtube, you can cook anything. Yes, anything and everything. At least, I am not paying for some of my favourite dishes again at a pricey restaurant. 

5. After travelling to the North of Finland, staying in a cottage amidst a forest, and also discovering some of the prettiest islands around Helsinki, I can now say that nature is what we long for. We just don’t realize it that often.

Despite all these lessons, sweet realizations and positive changes, I am still hungry for newer discoveries-be it on the personal front or just about everything that surrounds me. But I need to pledge to do a few things this year. It is like now or never as who knows where I might be next year.  Let’s just say, I want to see more of Finland, write more, travel more and hone my skills at baking and taking pictures. However, the main focus would be to stay focused on these goals.

I know, new year resolutions never work but I should probably call it a ‘wish list’. Well, let’s keep them for another time to discuss in detail.

The next post may be!

Wait, am I already procrastinating??? 

God! I hate that word!


  • Suvi January 16, 2018 at 6:44 am

    Happy New Year dear and wishing you many exciting adventures ahead! 💖

    • Jutismita January 18, 2018 at 3:10 pm

      Thank you. Wish you too a great year full of travel and blogging 🙂


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