Things to do before I die- Trek to Double decker living root bridge

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Double decker living root bridge, Nongriat Village

Double decker living root bridge, Nongriat Village

The fascinating thing about this root bridge is, it’s a living root bridge still growing and growing stronger with time. A rare thing! The bridge is the most phenomenal natural object I have ever seen in this life not because it connects two banks of a river in a remote village hidden inside deep forests but also connects them twice. One bridge decked above the other. All natural and grown from a very very old (probably more than hundred years) banyan fig tree. The locals, still far-far away from the modern world, use the bridge for their daily commute. I had heard about two of such living root bridges in Meghalaya before and one fine spring (2014) I decided to see them.

The first bridge is located at Riwai in Mawlynnong, a village famous for its cleanliness. Reports have claimed this is the cleanest village in Asia. A short hike through the village and the bridge here is a magnificent web of old tree roots and beneath flows a gorgeous waterfall.

A closer look at the structure

A closer look at the structure

But the main highlight of this trip was the second bridge. Because, it’s hidden and doesn’t show itself to anyone until he/she makes a trek of about three hours. So total six hours of excruciating trek and there you come face to face with this thing of inexplicable marvel. I wont say it is one of the toughest treks in the world but most definitely a tough one. The toughest part is, the backward journey is a steep hike of about 2000 stony and slippery steps which are mostly non-existent.


But the sight that awaits at the end of the trek is so rewarding one would want to do it again and again. At least, I would.

I finished last of all my friends because I had just recovered from a bad accident and doing a trek with soft tissue injury and without the knowledge of my parents was somewhat thrilling. The bones ached for a couple of days afterwards but this root bridge is definitely one of the things I would suggest people go and see.

How to reach- the trek point is a few minutes from Cherrapunji, the rainiest place on planet earth.

Total time taken was- about 6-7hours

Tips- Make the hike in the early morning so that you can get back before the sun sets in the tropical forest. Because in this eastern-most part of the country and the deep jungles the sun sets as early as 4 pm.

(Please excuse the bad photo quality here. The light conditions were poor and somehow we didn’t know how to play with our camera back then)

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