The land of the ‘Khamtis’

This post is about a land far away from where I am sitting right now. Geographically speaking, located in the far east side of India, this piece of land is unknown to most people. But here exists a beautiful canvas of nature and culture; charming and forever inviting. The land we are talking about is called Arunachal Pradesh, the land that witnesses the first sunrise in the country, every day.

However, before getting started, let me explain a few facts. For those curious, Khamti is a tribe that inhabits this beautiful region around the Tengapani basin of Arunachal Pradesh which happens to be the easternmost state of India.  The Khamtis are the descendants of migrants from Burma (also known as Myanmar) who came to India during the 18th century and stayed on. Over the centuries, they thrived.

The region where they largely reside is known as Namsai, one of the most important districts in Arunachal Pradesh. These people practice Buddhist religion and the same has been in practice since time immemorial. Hence, it is not surprising that Namsai district is known to the world as the land of golden pagodas.

The Khamti tribe is one of the highly civilized tribes in Arunachal and their love for culture is reflected in their way of life. I had the great opportunity to witness their life while visiting a small village in the region as a part of a brief family vacation last month. While I didn’t get a chance to document their way of living in photos, I had managed to capture a few snaps of this beautiful pagoda located in the vicinity.

The statue of Buddha is huge and, according to the locals, is made of pure gold. However, the authenticity of the information is unknown.

The best part, there is no tourist trap waiting for you. No entrance fee and no restrictions on cameras, bags or whatever objections such a place might have. I think this is what makes this place so special. Because you can’t buy peace. So when this tranquil pagoda welcomes you with open arms, you got to go and spend a few moments of quiet.

Nothing fussy and nothing extraordinary. But then, hasn’t peace become a rare thing these days!

There is also an eco camp inside the pagoda premises where a tired tourist can spend a few days of sheer silence and meditation. There is both cottage and dorm facilities to suit different budgets.

The pagoda also provides shelter to a large group of young monks who looked like a bunch of happy souls in with their chubby, red cheeks, and toothless grins.

Overall, the pagoda was a beautiful place to meditate and enjoy nature. It is also an ideal pit stop for those traveling to the innermost parts of Arunachal Pradesh, especially, the Parashuram Kund.

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Golden Pagoda, Namsai district, Arunachal Pradesh, India


Front of the pagoda


A statue at the pagoda. Do not miss the blue sky 🙂


Eco-camp at the back of the pagoda


A peek at the mustard fields from the top


Have you ever used a mirror like this?


Irrelevant but we spotted this cutest church on the way back


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