Restaurant Day

Sumptuous findings at Restaurant Day

I am sure that most of the people living in and around Helsinki eagerly wait for this particular day called Restaurant Day. This special day is dedicated to different kinds of street foods, traditional preparations, and culinary innovations. This event that takes place once in every three months is one of the go-to programs in the city.

This much-loved carnival of food has, indeed, taken Helsinki’s food culture to the next level just within a couple of years from it’s birth. First started in 2011, this innovative Finnish food carnival has now spread into some of the other world cities, thanks to the social media and the word of mouth. The event is a success not only because it brings a whole lot of food out into the streets but also brings people from different walks of life much closer than anything else.

This is because on Restaurant Day anyone can open a restaurant anywhere in the city and it’s surrounding areas to sell their traditional foods as well as craziest experiments. No permit is required, voila!

At the end of the day, most of them end up with a satisfying experience of showcasing their culinary skills and delightful profits jingling in their pockets. Overall, a rewarding experience! No wonder, a day such this is full of laughter reverberating across the crowded alleys and parks. Plus the heady waft of cooked foods!

The last Restaurant Day I attended received the same kind of enthusiasm in the air and the day being a sunny one was just the icing on top. I managed to click a few photographs in between stall hopping and eating like a hog at the Esplanade Park near the South harbor. From pretty little cupcakes to rice steamed in banana leaves to crispy fried prawns, I ate more than I can remember.

Now, eagerly waiting for the next restaurant day.

Here’s a glimpse of the day’s happenings for the other foodies to see. I know, food makes us smile. Don’t you agree?

Look here for the next event updates:

Photo Gallery:


Tacos, Tostadas and burritos 🙂


Grilled meat and smiles


For the sweet tooth


Pretty little cupcakes


Spring rolls- all time favourite


Steamed preparations wrapped in banana leaves


I don’t know what it’s called but it’s super yummy


The star of the event- fried prawns


The foodie vibes


Crispy fried drumsticks anyone?


Probably the prettiest stall of the event


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