santa clasu village rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, Lapland-weekend trip from Helsinki

The funny thing about having a bucket list is that it keep growing and no matter how many things you slash off from the top, the list grows a tail; a longer one, each time. So after years of dreaming, I finally managed to fulfill one of my wishes and ended up adding another. This special wish came true after…

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linnanmaki light festival

Linnanmäki Light Carnival

As the autumn grey has finally settled both in my heart and bones, I desperately needed some warmth and colour rush and, luckily, Helsinki has something fun going on all around the year. Usually, I am too lazy to go out to indulge myself but, this time, I did not miss this amazing light carnival held every year during Autumn…

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Plitvice Lakes National Park- Croatia’s must visits

This summer (2016), I managed to cross Plitvice Lakes National park in Croatia off my bucket list but I have been procrastinating about writing a post as the photographs I took there buy for only 5% of its beauty. This is ,mostly, because I am not a pro and, partly, because my camera fails me on days when the sun…

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Autumn in Helsinki

A beautiful Autumn in Helsinki

  As everyone is either enjoying or cursing these ‘soon-to-be-grey’ Autumn days, I am having somewhat mixed feelings about these short but insanely beautiful days. As I roam around the beautiful corners of Helsinki admiring the myriad of colors and the falling leaves leaving pretty patterns on the grass and enjoying some sun while sitting at a roadside coffee shop,…

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Road Trip in Croatia- Off my bucket list

If you are a travel freak (enthusiast?) of any level (from ‘hard-core-nomad’ to ‘hey-I-am-just-getting-started-types) you would agree that the very idea of road tripping across a new place makes your heart skip a few beats. It’s because nothing else can beat the excitement of setting out on roads unknown especially when you have amazing people for company! For me, a…

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Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat, Brač-The best of Croatia

A few years ago, while working for a travel magazine I had the opportunity of interviewing an important figure from the Embassy of the republic of Croatia. At the end of the interview, I was given a cute little pouch of lavender as a token of goodwill. That pouch sat in my wardrobe for many years until I moved to…

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Porvoo toy museum

Porvoo Doll and Toy museum

If you are looking for an amazing place near Helsinki for a day trip then Porvoo is absolutely the right place to visit. The quaint little town of Porvoo has both history and nature living side by side along with marvelous wooden architecture. Those pretty houses with the prettiest of flowers, in fact, give Porvoo a very distinct character. The…

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Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg- First few impressions

Some of my earliest memories of my childhood and the word ‘Russia’ are from those days which were filled with reading storybooks published by Raduga, a state-owned publication house of the Soviet Union of the 1970s. Those books published by Raduga were very popular among children and the stories I read were mostly the translated versions of stories about the…

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Soya chunks pulao

Simple rice recipe: Soya chunks pulao

Do you know that the thing called ‘Carbohydrate Withdrawal Syndrome’ is for real? Some people call it ‘Low Carb Flu’ and it can be a really annoying thing to deal with. For example, whenever I (dramatically) stop eating rice to cut down carbs I start having withdrawal syndromes like headaches, crankiness, and a constant craving for rice. You might have…

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In pictures: Bergen, Norway

It’s been almost a year since our amazing trip to Norway (2015), the land of breathtaking fjords and mountains, happened. While looking through my photographs, I realized that even though I have already done a very long post on my Norway experiences, including this pretty little town called Bergen, this place deserves a separate post. I am not going to…

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