Helsinki on the rocks!

Walking on a frozen bay

During my one year of stay in Helsinki, I have come to realize that the Finns really know how to have fun in they own weird but cool ways. And walking, skiing and playing on the frozen sea or a lake is one of them. Every year, when the winter sets in, every type of water body is suddenly turned into a playground and adventure sport trail. In short, nothing can keep the Finns confined in their homes.

If walking and playing is not enough, they even like to drill holes into the thick ice, try fishing and take icy dips in those holes. As much as this fun activity sounds scary, Finns like to describe walking on the slippery ice as a fascinating experience in true sense of the term and for the same reason, I wasn’t not surprised to see people making a short cut across the Töölö Bay this weekend.

If you are in Helsinki during the winters, do not miss out on this fun activity. Just look for the safety signs.

I,being a person with the heart of a pigeon (according to my husband), am always scared of such extreme things but decided to go ahead, jump in, and join the crowd. Did the ice beneath me creak? Hell, no! My heart skipped a bit but when I reached the middle of the lake, I looked back and saw the beauty of it. The feeling is magical, especially when it’s sunny and the sky looks like a beautiful canvas.

The bay area is located at the heart of Helsinki and is surrounded by parks, forests, railway tracks, and also a pedestrian cum bicycle trail of about 2 kilometers. But why take the long road when you can easily walk across the lake and reach the other side in less than half the time?

Interesting thing, I saw people jogging on the thick ice which only proved that the Finnish people are very fitness conscious. They are generally shy and don’t make eye contacts but on a beautiful day like this when your eyes meet theirs, they smile back at you and stroll away without judging you for squealing like a toddler.

I was walking on a frozen bay for god’s sake!

Here’s the proof of my little achievement.

Photo Gallery:


Can you walk past this without trying it? 🙂


How to enjoy a sunny winter day in Helsinki? walk on a frozen bay 😉


Come, walk with me…into the frozen paradise


And move some muscles may be?


And if you are crazy enough, you might just want to ride on a parachute as well!

Disclaimer: Use caution while walking on ice. Don’t go out alone and look for crowds doing it. Ice conditions change as the warm days approach, so it is advisable to look for information before stepping on frozen water bodies. Avoid thin ice

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