Helsinki: Of walks, photos & foods

Sundays being our long walk days, always nudge us out of the house to try new places in Helsinki. But the last one, being the Valentine’s day got us thinking whether we should go out or not. Since, we are non-believers, celebrating the day has always been out of the question but, on a second thought, it doesn’t hurt to take a long walk on any given day. So out we went and ended up being touristy in the city.

Like always, Helsinki never ceases to amaze me. Be it the same old road I take to get groceries every day or the quiet park in the neighbourhood; everything looks fresh and new each time I am on the other side of the door.

This Sunday, we went to the Helsinki Tourist Information office hoping to find some information about places we haven’t been to. Once inside, to our pleasant surprise, we found a cute box full of Valentine’s day fun activity suggestions. The idea was to pick one cue card and follow the instructions. We got hooked the moment we saw the cute box and our card told us to go to the Ice Park and enjoy an ice skating session right in the heart of the city.

But we were little disappointed as we do not know how to skate even to save our lives. Rather, we would end up dead or with broken hips. So, we cheated a little and decide to pick another card. This time, we got Suomenlinna Fortress, a World Heritage Site. Again, we have already been to the magnificent fortress many a time, tch tch tch.

I have never been good with lucky draws! It was a great initiative, nevertheless, to engage and guide tourists to new places.

To redeem ourselves from the disappointment, we decided to have a photo session by the sea. Although, to call it a sea at this point would be very wrong. I would stick to the phrase ‘frozen-sea’. The weather was bad (rainy) and hence a nightmare for photographs, but we decided to have some fun anyway.

To stand in front of this bed of ice and feel the ice-cold wind brush against our cheeks was a beautiful experience, even when we live here and experience this regularly. Walking on the frozen sea is a popular fun activity here but I would never think of stepping on the ice when there’s no one else around.

Luckily, we managed to get hold of a Peruvian tourist who clicked a few pictures of us but even he wasn’t keen on the ice-walk idea. Moreover, try staying here for more than half an hour you would feel your limbs go numb and that is when you got to look for a cosy place to sit and restore yourself.

And nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day, especially in Helsinki. Thankfully, the whole city is full of coffee shops and restaurants. We headed to this beautiful restaurant cum coffee shop called Kappeli. This place is located right inside the Esplanadi Park and serves delicious Finnish fare. Not only the restaurant looks beautiful from the outside but the ambience inside is warm and inviting too.

In the end, everyone was happy including the GoogleFit App as we walked for about 80 minutes in total. Total calories burnt 1475, excluding the calories we tucked in of course.



Cupid’s Box


The cute little cue card


The task 🙂


The Frozen Baltic


When the ice cold wind numbs your facial tissues but you still want to smile


With this cute button


Cafe Kappeli

hot chocolate

When you move to the ‘warmth’

hot chocolate1

Hot Chocolate on a cold & rainy day?? Hell Yes!


Still not used to the sour taste but I will get there: Lemon-meringue pie



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