A midsummer day in Tallinn’s Old Town

The Midsummer being the national holiday in Finland definitely meant a lot of celebrations and this also called for a quick trip across the Baltic sea. So off we went to Tallinn, the city of fairytale-like structures and mesmerizing fables this weekend. Although I sulked about missing the chance to witness the traditional bonfire and barbecue, it was a memorable weekend for we had close friends, good food, and nice conversations flowing right inside our cozy apartment on the Midsummer eve.

But nothing can keep those bitten by the wanderlust from straying out. Thus, without any planning we found ourselves sitting in a cruise bound for Tallinn.

It was a very short trip but I am still giddy from the happy trip and can’t keep myself from sharing a few pictures from the magical city. I will refrain from talking about the usual tourist spots in Tallinn. Rather, I will discuss the unusual charms of the old town because it lives up to its reputation of being a melting pot of the Gothic and the fairy-tale.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself marveling at its ability to stay true to its old world charms. After all, this is the land of the Vikings and the artists alike; they both build a city’s reputation.

What charmed me the most about Tallinn’s old town are four things-

Medieval forts and buildings:

The city’s roots can be traced back to the 13th centuries but the historians claim that there have been human settlements in the area since 3000 years BC. From its huge stoned houses with tiled roofs to the tall castle walls on the Toompea Hills, Tallinn is full of structures that offer history, charm, and stories.

The view from the hill was spectacular but if only there were fewer tourists! Thanks to the rush, we didn’t manage to take any decent pictures. But there’s always a next time. The path leading up to the hill itself is a very pretty sight with art screaming for your attention. Do we dare to look away??


Medieval Facades in one of Tallinn’s oldest qaurters


A sunny day in Tallinn Old Town


Cool cafes, cobbled streets, and red tiled roofs <3


The dreamy buildings


…and the stone towers

Restaurants, bars, and food:

Thanks to all the aimless walking we did, we discovered the coolest tower cafe in entire Tallinn, an award-winning coffee shop,and also a place that claims to be the oldest coffee shop in town. There’s no dearth of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops for weary travelers to sit and refill their tummies.

The tower cafe was so cool that it gave off major GOT vibes (Pardon me for bringing the gore factor into it but I have never seen any cooler and scarier hang-out spots before) and couldn’t refrain myself from getting clicked with the blazing torches at its entrance.


to eat or to stare ??


Traditional Estonian Pork roast


Freshly baked homemade bread


Chicken fillet with dill


The Best Tiramisu in town, this way please.


A beautiful coffee shop. Full marks for the ambiance


When you are weary from all the travel


View from the Tower Cafe


Those stairs and the torches though!

Cobbled alleyways:

And if the forts, castles, and the buildings aren’t enough, the winding stairways and narrow, cobbled paths just present the perfect excuse for getting lost in the old town. It’s a different thing that my ankles are still hurting from all the walking!

Word of caution: Never ever walk on a cobbled street in thin soled shoes but never stop exploring. You do not know what gem of a spot you might stumble yourself into, especially when you haven’t done your homework well and find yourself aimlessly roaming like the two of us.


Touristy but charming old town square


A path leading to the innermost parts of the town


The roadside delis


When they have cobbled streets, they have horse carriages too


Care for some art?

Fancy Doors, windows, signs and Viking armors:

Such enormous and fancy were some of those doors in Tallinn that I could spend hours examining them. Those colours and intricate details! Don’t know what lies behind those closed doors but they make pretty photographs. Even the toilet doors were adorned with art. I found my knight in shinning armor in front of such a door.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself in the photos.


Not sure what does that mean but I have a thing for wooden signs and, of course, pretty flowers


Blue wall and purple door: it happens only in Tallinn


And green and gold!


My knight in shinning armor


Oops! Put the wrong caption in the wrong pic. The real knight ‘with’ shinning armor


In love with that logo. The oldest continuously running pharmacy in Europe


Is that a very pretty post box?? Impressed!!!

So all of this sums up my short rendezvous with Tallinn. I intend to come back in August with my best friend who will be visiting me from India. Just can’t wait for our girly trip and the joy of digging some more history in Tallinn. Have you already been here? Are you as smitten as I am by this pretty little town?







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