Winter blues

Living in the winter wonderland Helsinki

Beautiful girls in skimpy skirts walk past me, laughing and breezing through the happy crowd gathered on the streets. I look at them in envy because while they are always dressed up for the weekends or any festive occasion, I am, mostly, covered from head to toe in heavy woolens, often wondering what makes them immune to this biting cold!

Perhaps, the answer is not that tough; they belong to this winter wonderland and, for them, life goes on like this. Not this cold or anything on earth (absolutely nothing) can or should dampen their spirits.

Still, I wonder; is it vodka or their blood that keeps them warm. Tucked inside my jacket, muffler, and faux fur hoodie, I look at this corner of the world in deep amazement. I can’t even pinch myself. Thanks to all the layers I put on!

On most of these frozen days, when I go out to explore the city, the cold seeps inside my boots but my heart remains warm from all the happiness I am served on a platter. From happily high faces to snow-covered streets to beautiful window displays, everything is a feast to the eyes.

Will I ever get enough of these beautiful streets? I doubt that. As long as I am here, I don’t mind getting lost in this wonderland, again and again.

They say every city has a soul. If you love it, it loves you back. And I feel, I just got acquainted with it.

Photo Gallery:

Winter wonderland Helsinki

A rare sunny day in Helsinki

Winter wonderland Helsinki

Season’s first snow fall-view from my window

Winter wonderland Helsinki

Snowy mornings

Winter wonderland Helsinki

Some winter fun

Winter wonderland Helsinki

Before the thaw



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