Linnanmäki Light Carnival

As the autumn grey has finally settled both in my heart and bones, I desperately needed some warmth and colour rush and, luckily, Helsinki has something fun going on all around the year. Usually, I am too lazy to go out to indulge myself but, this time, I did not miss this amazing light carnival held every year during Autumn at Helsinki’s most popular amusement retreat called Linnanmaki.

The festival is a good excuse to lift up your mood during this difficult transition from the bright summer days to the dark and gloomy autumn days.

If you haven’t been to this festival yet then hurry up as the festival and the park closes for the year on the 22nd of October or you will have to wait till the park celebrates its 12th edition of the Light Carnival next year. The entrance to Linnanmaki during the light festival is free too. The rides would need separate tickets,though.

One thing you must not miss there is the free panorama view ride. The view of Helsinki cityscape from the top is just incredible!

My blogger friend Piia from Ticket to Adventure has already posted some incredible pictures from Linnanmaki on her blog (you can see her post here) but I couldn’t resist myself from posting a few of my own as I simply loved every bit of our trip to the park.

The picture credit goes to the husband as I my hands were too numb from the cold.

Photo Gallery:


What colours can do to your mood!


Was it an octopus?


The evening sky at the background though!


Fountains with colourful lights are my favourite!


Hazy rides!


The definition of fun!


Mirror Mirror, who is the ugliest (funniest?) of all??


Never too old for a carousel..




Dancing lights


The panorama ride: View from the top


top view of Helsinki at night


  • Asli October 22, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Gorgeous photos!!! You captured and reflected the mood perfectly!!

  • Ticket to Adventures October 20, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Great that you made it to Linnanmäki despite the cold weather. Your photos are stunning, great work!

    • Jutismita Hazarika October 20, 2016 at 12:38 pm

      Thanks a lot 🙂 Your pictures were incredible. And, yeah, it was too cold but worth the effort.


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