Korjaamo Culture Factory

A few weeks back, while browsing through some of the interesting places in Helsinki, I came across this name, Korjaamo. If I and my google translator are not wrong, the word means workshop in English and, I suppose, the name suggests a one-stop spot for all kinds of activities related to art, culture, leisure and stuff like that.

My curiosity took wings and, soon, I was headed to this place. The day of my visit coincided with the day of their summer garden opening as well as the commencement of a two days long design market. The market was lovely and full of pretty trinkets and other hand-made objects.

I am sure, such events are a regular occurrence here at Korjaamo and they offer the best excuse to buy local handmade products which are not only unique in designs but also made with love. As far as I am concerned, I love such pop-up markets where you can score some real gems. But this event happened around a fortnight ago and I am very late in posting about this as I have been feeling a little under the weather.

Located inside an old tram depot in Töölö, this place has an old world charm and offers a good dose of entertainment in the form of musical gigs, art exhibitions, food markets, film screenings, theater and other events. Also, one can actually see old trams placed inside the hall.

To not limit myself to the market hall, I also went out to their summer garden to get a real feel of the place. The pretty little garden had an open air sitting arrangement where one can enjoy their food ordered from their very own restaurant. Just that, this place looked more like a kids-friendly zone than a place for some quiet adult lunch dates.

But when they have cute animals, relaxing chairs, and good arrangement for blowing bubbles then who’s gonna complain! I could watch those giant bubbles go up in the air and the smiling faces of the kids forever. And, one is never too old to try blowing some 😉

There is a little flower shop located inside the garden where one can buy some pretty summer flowers. To take a quick peek, we went inside the Korjaamo restaurant as well and it looked quite inviting. The only thing I wished to try but didn’t was their ‘Escape Room’. You need a group of 5-6 people to try this fun activity where you are closed inside a room and required to follow clues and solve them to escape from that room. Sounds pretty exciting to me! I shall try to convince some of my friends to do this.

However, If I must be honest, I wish this place was a bit more organized because to me, a few things looked a bit messy. From the haphazard arrangements at the market hall to the uncleared plates inside the restaurant, I noticed a bit of chaos here and there which could have been more neatly organized. But hey, that’s just an observation. Overall, it’s a lovely place to spend some fun time with your family and enjoy some cultural event as this place is forever abuzz with such activities.



Photo gallery:

Design Market Venue


Things for sale at the Design Market


Pretty trinkets <3


And some more


The real tram inside the hall


The summer garden


And those chairs 😀


They are cute! Aren’t they?


Blowing (giant) bubbles


Everybody loves bubbles


Inside the restaurant


  • Suvi June 8, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Looks fun, I’ve never been!! Maybe somewhere to visit this summer.. Have you been to Teurastamo yet? That’s “slaughterhouse” in Finnish 😉 I love Jädelino’s ice cream there.

    • Jutismita Hazarika June 8, 2016 at 7:07 pm

      Aaah! Teurastamo sounds fun! Thanks for your recommendation. Will surely explore this place.


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