International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day, Helsinki

A public event for pillow fights? Why not? Especially when people are all game for it. It is just like a ‘flash mob’ sort of thing; an organised event where people in some of the major cities in different countries get involved to have a little fun!  The basic idea, I believe, is to cut down stress related to city living. So everyone would agree that there’s nothing wrong with people coming together to relax. And the result is, undoubtedly, endless fun. That is , exactly, what the ‘International Pillow Fight Day’ organised on 2nd April across many world cities has achieved.

In short, you are fighting your stress, not the other person you are hitting with your pillow 😉

So when we heard about Helsinki being a part of this fun, we had to go and witness it. we were just curious. But when we reached the venue, we were happy to see people having fun and regretted not bringing our own pillows. I think it is kind of contagious; the smiles affect you and you start grinning from ear to ear.

Here are a few photos we took at the event. Hope you all enjoy them.

Photo Gallery:


Too many angels nearby??? 😉


Or is it just a pillow fight?? May be both.


“Come,join us, and forget everything else”


but love a lot 🙂


and sulk a little 😛


Because you are never too old for a good pillow fight


Never 🙂


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