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Korjaamo Culture Factory

A few weeks back, while browsing through some of the interesting places in Helsinki, I came across this name, Korjaamo. If I and my google translator are not wrong, the word means workshop in English and, I suppose, the name suggests a one-stop spot for all kinds of activities related to art, culture, leisure and stuff like that. My curiosity…

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Demmers Teehaus

Exploring Helsinki’s tea scene: Demmers Teehaus

Despite being a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I have practically grown up on tea and my days do not start without a strong cup of black tea. But more than the drink, I have grown up admiring the rituals associated with tea, especially the British tea ceremonies. Back home tea is one of the ways of life and we, the Assamese,…

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Himmler's Cook

Himmler’s Cook by Franz-Olivier Giesbert

Can food be always related to happy memories?? Not particularly. But food and memories go hand in hand and, I am quite sure, I am not the only one to conjure memories at the very sight, smell and taste of foods. Personally speaking, most of the food memories are happy ones. But, Himmler’s Cook spreads out a haunting tale of…

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