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dark autumn mood

Capturing the dark autumn mood

Just trying to capture the dark autumn mood for a change here. Generally, my autumn pictures are full of colours. I am not a photographer but I love playing with different moods which I try to capture indoors as well. However, indoor photography is the hardest. You need props, lights, and vision. Out in the Nordic wilderness, anyone can be a good photographer though. Funny thing, I get that a lot. People always compliment my camera or the stunning landscape. Well, this just might be the truth.

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cherry blossom

Witnessing cherry blossoms in Stockholm

Stockholm, the city of history and innovations, may not be a top destination on your bucket-list but it, definitely, is a fascinating city that attracts a great number of tourists in search of a glimpse of the Scandinavia. If we keep aside its interesting history of about 800 years, Stockholm is still a global city that is know to the…

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Helsinki winter garden

Helsinki winter garden: one of the must-visits

Helsinki, unlike other European Capital cities, is not a very crowded place although tourism in the city has picked up in recent times. This gives its residents ample opportunities to have their moments of quiet right in the heart of the city. As I have written innumerable times before, Helsinki is blessed with abundant nature. Even then, a convenient combination…

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frozen sea walk

Walking on the frozen sea in Helsinki

When the month of February rolls in, the residents of Helsinki (and Finland in general) start spending more time outdoors as the days gradually start getting brighter and longer. Even though the outdoor temperature can be as brutal as -25 degrees Celsius, the happy month of February doesn’t deter people from seeking endless fun outside the comfort of their homes.…

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Budapest in pictures

If I have to present Budapest through these 20 pictures then this wouldn’t be the proper representation but still these pictures show a part of Budapest which I loved from the core of my ‘wander-luster’ heart. If I could, I would have clicked a thousand more but still it wouldn’t be enough to show how vibrant a city Budapest is.…

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Meanwhile in Helsinki-Autumn moods

Ever since the wet autumn days have rolled in, I have been meaning to capture the love-hate feeling I have towards the season but I guess the motivation level was at rock bottom due to the changing weather. Indeed, this dull weather in Helsinki after Summers leaves you dejected and the transition is the hardest thing after ‘winter blues’ to…

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Budapest on my plate!

If food can be the sole reason to travel then I am sure Budapest should be on every food enthusiast’s list of places to visit. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said Budapest is the place to be if you are a foodie who also loves to travel as there is a long list of must try…

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Lost my heart to Hallstatt

~To start with and at the risk of going all cliched, I would have liked to talk about Hallstatt being Austria’s best-kept secret but as you all know it is not. It is because this place is so famous that it is on every traveler’s bucket list. Secret or not, a trip to Austria would be actually incomplete without a…

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Helsinki Spring

Meanwhile in Helsinki: Spring inspirations

If you are living in Finland, then, I am sure, the very idea of Spring is beginning to sound like a myth to you. Sometime, you even doubt that the dull weather outside is ever going to change into something exciting. But it always does. Like everyone else, I am also waiting for Spring to knock soon in Helsinki. Helsinki…

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Island hopping in Croatia: Hvar

Often referred to as the Queen of the Dalmatian Islands for many reasons, Hvar, surely, does justice to its title. Its mild climate, fertile coastal plains, and the favorable location being a few of those reasons for which it gets that title, indeed, make it the most populated island in Croatia. Even though it is a small island it has forever been…

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