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Thoughts: 2018 and the year gone by!

Hello everyone! A little late but I had been meaning to post something about the year gone by and, of course, a lot about the new year too. 15 days of 2018 have already slipped through while I am still trying to get back to my routine life after the holiday season. Now that I am back from spending my…

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Learning Finnish

How learning Finnish can be a real challenge!

As a great part of this blog is about my experiences of living in Finland, it would be a total whopper if I didn’t tell you all about my kooky battle with the Finnish language. As if moving into this unfamiliar part of the world wasn’t enough, I had to endure the painful process of getting familiar with the language…

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winter blues

Living in Finland: Fighting seasonal blues

It is that time of the year again when the dipping temperature and the falling leaves bring back the same sinking feeling we are all very familiar with. The bad feeling worsens after the colourful autumn makes an exit because the weather is always gray. There is something in the weather that makes us all lethargic, motivationless, and even depressed.…

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Meanwhile in Helsinki-Autumn moods

Ever since the wet autumn days have rolled in, I have been meaning to capture the love-hate feeling I have towards the season but I guess the motivation level was at rock bottom due to the changing weather. Indeed, this dull weather in Helsinki after Summers leaves you dejected and the transition is the hardest thing after ‘winter blues’ to…

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10 Finnish traits you absolutely love!

~Featured image credits: (c) Jussi Hellsten/Visit Finland~ After living in Finland for more than 2 years, I have come to realize that this much of time in this country is actually long enough to make you (unknowingly) accept and acquire a few certain Finnish ways of life and some of the typical Finnish traits. The sweet realization! It also makes you…

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Nuuksio national park

Day out in Nuuksio National Park

It is true that for the Finns the farther located a place is from the city, the better it is. But when it comes to finding both peace and good quality of life, Finland is probably one of the few remaining countries in the world where nature and high-class cities coexist. Even for those living in Helsinki which is gradually…

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Helsinki Spring

Meanwhile in Helsinki: Spring inspirations

If you are living in Finland, then, I am sure, the very idea of Spring is beginning to sound like a myth to you. Sometime, you even doubt that the dull weather outside is ever going to change into something exciting. But it always does. Like everyone else, I am also waiting for Spring to knock soon in Helsinki. Helsinki…

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Linnanmäki Light Carnival

As the autumn grey has finally settled both in my heart and bones, I desperately needed some warmth and colour rush and, luckily, Helsinki has something fun going on all around the year. Usually, I am too lazy to go out to indulge myself but, this time, I did not miss this amazing light carnival held every year during Autumn…

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Autumn in Helsinki

A beautiful Autumn in Helsinki

  As everyone is either enjoying or cursing these ‘soon-to-be-grey’ Autumn days, I am having somewhat mixed feelings about these short but insanely beautiful days. As I roam around the beautiful corners of Helsinki admiring the myriad of colors and the falling leaves leaving pretty patterns on the grass and enjoying some sun while sitting at a roadside coffee shop,…

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Porvoo Doll and Toy museum

If you are looking for an amazing place near Helsinki for a day trip then Porvoo is absolutely the right place to visit. The quaint little town of Porvoo has both history and nature living side by side along with marvelous wooden architecture. Those pretty houses with the prettiest of flowers, in fact, give Porvoo a very distinct character. The…

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living in Finalnd

Living in Finland and not knowing how to belong

After reading this post, you would probably say, “Fine, the Finns are shy and reserved. What about it? Just leave them alone”, but I just can’t stop feeling amused about my own experiences and observations of living in Finland , especially after watching this interesting video I came across on Youtube. I am not going to use the word ‘funny’…

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Korjaamo Culture Factory

A few weeks back, while browsing through some of the interesting places in Helsinki, I came across this name, Korjaamo. If I and my google translator are not wrong, the word means workshop in English and, I suppose, the name suggests a one-stop spot for all kinds of activities related to art, culture, leisure and stuff like that. My curiosity…

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