dark autumn mood

Capturing the dark autumn mood

It has been a while since something exciting happened on the blog front and I blame it on all sorts of non-productive tasks life had thrown at me. But, I guess, I should find out better ways to manage my time in order to keep this blog alive. Of all those boring tasks which kept me away, there have been only a few that I can call motivating. And my moving to a new place is one of them. The year 2018 has been a roller coaster ride so far and I hope to slow down a bit now that I have managed to find some time for myself. Meanwhile, the chilly days of autumn had rolled in as expected. As it has been raining a lot I thought this quiet me time would be perfect to capture the dark autumn mood.

The weather is so gloomy that I am having doubts about autumn being my favourite season. technically I am fall baby and I love the mellow autumn weather in India. On the contrary, except for the bright leaves I don’t think Nordic Autumn has anything nice about it. It rains and lot and the daylight starts to disappear bit by bit.

But despite being busy and being under the weather I have managed to venture out now and then to do some fun stuff. The highlight of the season should be the fun-filled mushroom picking trip to Nuuksio National Park with my friend Alexandra and her mom and a couple of quick trips to the central park which is located just 250 meters from my current address. 

I am so happy that I can find nature at such a short distance now. From now on, this is going to be my playground. Even though it is called a park, technically speaking, it is a forest with well-marked walking trails, horse riding tracks, and unlimited nature. 

But this post is not all about the forest. I am just trying to capture the dark autumn mood for a change here. Generally, my autumn pictures are full of colours. I am not a photographer but I love playing with different moods which I try to capture indoors as well. However, indoor photography is the hardest. For that one needs great props, lighting, and vision. Out in the Nordic wilderness, anyone can be a good photographer though. Funny thing, I get that a lot. People always compliment my camera or the landscape. Well, this just might be the truth.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. 

A rain soaked walk through the forest


Quiet discussions


Some wild apples for a pie


That fun-filled foraging in the forest


One edible mushroom for the omelette


Not the edible ones


Rewarding evening walks and some quiet time the horses


Posing for the camera


Autumn decor


The essential drink after a walk



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