Autumn checklist

Autumn checklist

The unusually hot summer days in Helsinki are already over and we are almost on our way through the last leg of 2018. This summer had been crazy and I still cant get over the beautiful sunny days that were filled with loads of outdoor activities. But Autumn is equally a favorite. Back home, Autumn means festivities. Here, it means colors. I get excited by the very thought of the possibilities Autumn brings. Creating a silly Autumn checklist is what I do to deal with the diminishing warmth and light. In my defense, it is just harmless fun but it can actually get you sorted for days.


autumn checklist


So here is my Autumn Checklist. Hope you enjoy it like I do. 

☑Invest in ‘Autumn decor’ ♥

☑ Get out for walks while you still can ♥

☑ Collect colourful Autumn leaves ♥

☑ Make an Autumn wreath ♥

☑ Take loads of Autumn pictures ♥

☑ Get an Autumn wardrobe makeover ♥

☑ Drink hot chocolates in the terrace ♥

☑ Toast marshmallows ♥

☑ Bake with autumnal flavors ♥

☑ Update your Autumn reading list ♥

☑ Go mushroom picking in the forest ♥

☑ Shed off those Summer calories ♥

☑ Create your own list of ‘things to do before Winter’ ♥

Do you like to make lists like this too? What are the things you think I could add to this list? Do share your thoughts!

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