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Finnish cottage life

Midnight sun, Lake Saimaa, and the Finnish cottage life!

If you want to practice the art of silence then come to Finland. You will find tranquility in every corner of this country, even in its cities. But if you want to seek true peace and quiet in true Finnish style then you must experience the Finnish cottage life. And it is not that hard to find it in Finland. Almost every Finnish family owns a cottage. When they are not in the mood for the quiet time which is quite rare or it is absolutely necessary for them to stay away to earn a living in the city, they often rent it out to those who want a slice of their cottage life. So a short break at a Finnish cottage is one of the ‘must-experience’ things you can do while visiting Finland. Trust me, finding your zen moment in Finland is not as difficult as you think.

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dark autumn mood

Capturing the dark autumn mood

Just trying to capture the dark autumn mood for a change here. Generally, my autumn pictures are full of colours. I am not a photographer but I love playing with different moods which I try to capture indoors as well. However, indoor photography is the hardest. You need props, lights, and vision. Out in the Nordic wilderness, anyone can be a good photographer though. Funny thing, I get that a lot. People always compliment my camera or the stunning landscape. Well, this just might be the truth.

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Autumn checklist

Autumn checklist

Creating a silly Autumn checklist is what I do to deal with the diminishing warmth and light. In my defense, it is just harmless fun but it can actually get you sorted for days.

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expat life

The city and an untold story!

My expat life… 5 years ago during the summer time, I was all set to change the city I was living in. I was tired of the city and I desperately needed some changes in my life. The plan was to leave the city for good, live with my parents for a while, detox my body & soul, set new…

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walking capital

Helsinki: Walking Capital of the world

  ~When it comes to convenience, Helsinki is one of the best European cities to live in or travel to. Be it the public transport or its impeccable city planning or just the excellent air quality, everything about this city is highly impressive. And I can go on and on about all the things I love about Helsinki but, off…

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Porvoo old town

Day trip from Helsinki-Porvoo Old Town

Ever seen those beautiful red cottages by a river in one of the mesmerizing Finland videos and wondered where exactly they might be from? Well, let me take you there! A serene town on the Southern coast of Finland and one of the oldest towns in the country, this spectacular place is called Porvoo. And Porvoo old town is worth…

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cherry blossom

Witnessing cherry blossoms in Stockholm

Stockholm, the city of history and innovations, may not be a top destination on your bucket-list but it, definitely, is a fascinating city that attracts a great number of tourists in search of a glimpse of the Scandinavia. If we keep aside its interesting history of about 800 years, Stockholm is still a global city that is know to the…

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Helsinki winter garden

Helsinki winter garden: one of the must-visits

Helsinki, unlike other European Capital cities, is not a very crowded place although tourism in the city has picked up in recent times. This gives its residents ample opportunities to have their moments of quiet right in the heart of the city. As I have written innumerable times before, Helsinki is blessed with abundant nature. Even then, a convenient combination…

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Nordic skincare problems

Nordic skincare problems and solutions

  * Disclaimer: I am not a beauty blogger and I am not trying to sell any products here. I just want to talk about the real skin-care challenges I have been facing ever since I moved to Finland. This is simply another perspective on #mydaysinhelsinki as I feel, Nordic skincare problems are too real & stubborn to ignore!* When…

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Helsinki on Instagram-My days in Helsinki

Featured image photo credit:Marian Alin Photography ———————————– Helsinki is one city I am still getting to know even after having lived here for about 4 years. Top of that, Helsinki is not a very big city to explore and yet everyday is a learning experience the moment I get out of my apartment. There are still many places I haven’t been…

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