Autumn in Helsinki

A beautiful Autumn in Helsinki


As everyone is either enjoying or cursing these ‘soon-to-be-grey’ Autumn days, I am having somewhat mixed feelings about these short but insanely beautiful days. As I roam around the beautiful corners of Helsinki admiring the myriad of colors and the falling leaves leaving pretty patterns on the grass and enjoying some sun while sitting at a roadside coffee shop, I am in my happiest of moods. At the same time, the Autumn days have opened a can of nostalgia; a deeply annoying feel of homesickness lurks beneath this happy mood.

But if Autumn brings melancholy with it, it brings colours too! And that is kind of a compensation.

Back home, in the corner most part of India where I belong, Autumn is an entirely different feeling since it brings flowers, festivals, and the promise of a great harvest. There, the mornings are soaked in dew drops but the days are still warm and sunny. As a kid, I used to love the lazy Autumn days as it meant waking up to a lawnful of ‘Sewli’ flowers in the morning, collecting them in a tiny basket to make flower beads, and daydreaming about the festivals to come. Alas, that was another life!

Here, everything is different. But I cannot help loving everything about it. Helsinki at this time of the year is so beautiful. The best part is, the city and Nature coexist here and that is a big deal. I just wish these short days of Autumn lasted a little longer than usual.

Photo Gallery:


My favourite reading spot


The same tree back in Spring


As Autumn colours smudge on to the streets


Did the sun bend down and kiss those leaves??


The pretty creepers basking in Autumn glory


Current favourite spot for sweet contemplation


Before the winter chill sets in


Some more colours!


Fooling around on a bright Autumn day


More fooling around…





  • freebutfun October 11, 2016 at 5:25 am

    It has been such a beautiful autumn this year! I love it too. I don’t mind that it’s been cold, I find the colours and the sun pulling me out whenever I can to enjoy it (but not looking forward to the dark rainy time before snow…)

    • Jutismita Hazarika October 11, 2016 at 10:34 am

      Yes, the autumn this year has been absolutely breathtaking. I too don’t mind the cold but dark gloomy days are hard to pass. Hope I find something interesting to distract myself 🙂

  • Ticket to Adventures October 4, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Great photos! Helsinki is such a lovely city in autumn. Last weekend I did several long walks in Helsinki and took plenty of photos, too. Autumn foliage is truly at its best right now!

    • Jutismita Hazarika October 4, 2016 at 7:23 pm

      Thanks a lot Piia. Yes, Helsinki looks like a painted canvas these days! Let’s make some plan to meet up with a few bloggers for coffee before it’s too cold 🙂 We could go out exploring too


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