Helsinki: Walking Capital of the world

~When it comes to convenience, Helsinki is one of the best European cities to live in or travel to. Be it the public transport or its impeccable city planning or just the excellent air quality, everything about this city is highly impressive. And I can go on and on about all the things I love about Helsinki but, off late,…

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Porvoo old town

Day trip from Helsinki-Porvoo Old Town

Ever seen those beautiful red cottages by a river in one of the mesmerizing Finland videos and wondered where exactly they might be from? Well, let me take you there! A serene town on the Southern coast of Finland and one of the oldest towns in the country, this spectacular place is called Porvoo. And Porvoo old town is worth…

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wild food

Wild herb picking in Finnish forest

Summer has showed up a bit earlier than expected this time in Finland! So there is no reason for me to do the mundane! Instead, I am trying to do everything I have been meaning to do here in Finland while these warm days last. As you may already know that I always wanted to go berry/ mushroom picking in…

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Witnessing cherry blossoms in Stockholm

Stockholm, the city of history and innovations may not be a top destination on your bucket-list but it, definitely, is a fascinating city that attracts a great number of tourists in search of a glimpse of the Scandinavia. If we keep aside its interesting history of about 800 years, Stockholm is still a global city that is know to the…

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Helsinki winter garden: one of the must-visits

Helsinki, unlike other European Capital cities, is not a very crowded place although tourism in the city has picked up in recent times. This gives its residents ample opportunity to have their moments of quiet right in the heart of the city. As I have written innumerable times before, Helsinki is blessed with abundant nature. Even then, a convenient combination…

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