Meanwhile in Helsinki-Autumn moods

Ever since the wet autumn days have rolled in, I have been meaning to capture the love-hate feeling I have towards The season but I guess the motivation level was at rock bottom due to the changing weather. Indeed, summer leaves you dejected and the transition is the hardest part to deal with. As much as I hate this kind…

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Finnish traits

10 Finnish traits you absolutely love!

~Featured image credits: (c) Jussi Hellsten/Visit Finland~ After living in Finland for more than 2 years, I have come to realize that this much of time in this country is actually long enough to make you (unknowingly) accept and acquire a few certain Finnish ways of life and some of the typical Finnish traits. The sweet realization! It also makes you…

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Haltiala Farm

Haltiala Farm: A date with Finnish nature

The experience of living in Finland would have been incomplete without a coup d’œil of its farm life. In search of a perfect spot to do so, I had stumbled upon this beautiful place called Haltiala Farm near Helsinki. As expected, this place happens to offer an ideal excuse for a day out amidst nature. Then, I also got to…

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Cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom-A slice of Japan in Helsinki

It has been a dream to go to Japan and witness the magnificent cherry blossoms but that can wait as Helsinki offers a tiny bit of the same. Although it doesn’t happen on a grand scale the blossom surely offers some consolation for those bitten by nostalgia, yearning for home, and curious to witness a spectacle so grand that it…

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Amsterdam: Postcards & random musings

  ~ Looking back at our trip to Amsterdam last month, I have been wondering, what is the most fascinating thing about Amsterdam that makes the city so irresistible! The answer often comes to me in many fragments and,then, in intersecting loops-sunken canals, vibrating nightlife, sex, leisurely coffee shops, old brick buildings, sweet dope, fine cheese and what not??? But, again, the…

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Chasing ‘Huldras’ in the Norwegian woods

  Seated in a toy-like train on a bright mid-July day, we were moving down from an elevation of about 2800 ft. However, it hardly felt like summer as we were in Norway, one of the coldest regions in the world. To support our point, a couple of hours ago, we had just crossed a vast stretch of glaciers. The…

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Browse and bookmark: Helpful for travel?

Definitely yes. For too many reasons. But, recently, I have had my doubts at some points while travelling in Europe. First, I feel, impromptu travel is more fun. When you see and inspect a place beforehand it somehow loses its charm and ups your expectations way too much. When we were kids, setting out for unknown destinations was so thrilling,…

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Budapest on my plate!

If food can be the sole reason to travel then I am sure Budapest should be on every food enthusiast’s list of places to visit. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said Budapest is the place to be if you are a foodie who also loves to travel as there is a long list of must try…

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Austria: Road trip inspirations

  ~Scribbles from the road~ Start: Vienna, 1 PM A warm and fuzzy Spring day. 17 degrees Celsius and thin traffic. A couple of hours later, a butter-smooth highway leads us out of the concrete world, to abundant nature and tranquility. “As I roll down the windows, the unfamiliar sounds of the road barge in and everything else gradually ceases to exist;…

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Finnish midsummer

Celebrating Finnish Midsummer

~A beautiful Finnish Midsummer day, a very special road trip, and a short hide-out at a traditional summer cottage-that’s all I am going to talk about in this post. If you already don’t know, ‘Doing Road Trips’ is my thing as I have explained in many of my previous posts and discussed how each time I am on a road…

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Lost my heart to Hallstatt

~To start with and at the risk of going all cliched, I would have liked to talk about Hallstatt being Austria’s best-kept secret but as you all know it is not. It is because this place is so famous that it is on every traveler’s bucket list. Secret or not, a trip to Austria would be actually incomplete without a…

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Nuuksio National Park

Day out in Nuuksio National Park

It is true that for the Finns the farther located a place is from the city, the better it is. But when it comes to finding both peace and good quality of life, Finland is probably one of the few remaining countries in the world where nature and high-class cities coexist. Even for those living in Helsinki which is gradually…

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Helsinki Spring

Meanwhile in Helsinki: Spring inspirations

If you are living in Finland, then, I am sure, the very idea of Spring is beginning to sound like a myth to you. Sometime, you even doubt that the dull weather outside is ever going to change into something exciting. But it always does. Like everyone else, I am also waiting for Spring to knock soon in Helsinki. I…

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Hvar island

Island hopping in Croatia: Hvar

Often referred to as the queen of the Dalmatian Islands for many reasons, Hvar, surely, does justice to its title. Its mild climate, fertile coastal plains and the favorable location being a few of those reasons make it the most populated island in Croatia.Even though it is a small island it has forever been an important trade hub across the Adriatic…

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